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Intro to Paris

Need help choosing the perfect hotel in Paris? We're here to help, with articles covering the best neighborhoods, what to look for in a hotel, and even a list of our favorite budget hotels in Paris.

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Paris essentials

Expect to Spend: Paris

What can you expect to shell out in Paris for a hotel? For a restaurant meal? Stick with us, kids. We'll give you the lowdown. We'll even toss in some quick dining tips and dispense a few notes on tipping and haggling. » read more

Finding the Perfect Hotel in Paris

Need help choosing the perfect hotel in Paris? We're here to help, with articles covering the best neighborhoods, what to look for in a hotel, and even a list of our favorite budget hotels in Paris. » read more

Getting Around Paris

Information about Metro schedules, suburban trains, tickets, Paris Visite cards and taxis. » read more

Getting Into Paris

Paris has three airports, and we'll tell you how to get to and from each of them by bus, regional train, and airport shuttle. Paris has six train stations, each of which is well-linked within the metro and regional train networks. We'll explain everything carefully, don't worry. » read more

Paris Budget Tips

We've got a bunch of tips for keeping it cheap in Gay Paree. We'll tell you how to get in touch with the tourist office, run through the cost of admission to major museums, make some suggestions for free sights and activities, and throw in some additional useful tips. » read more

Paris Car Rentals

Though Paris is a massive city, you likely will not need a car to traverse it. Whether you'll want a car to visit the region is a different matter, however. We'll tell you what you can expect to pay for a three-day economy car rental. » read more

Paris feature stories

20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel in Paris

From air conditioning to Wi-Fi, we'll take you through 20 things to consider when choosing a hotel in Paris.

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Charles de Gaulle to Paris

Arriving into Charles de Gaulle? Join the party! We'll show you how to take the train, bus, taxi or minibus to get into central Paris tout de suite!

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Day Trip: Chartres

Just a one-hour train journey from Paris, Chartre boasts the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres, an important sacred site since the ninth century.

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Day Trip: Giverny

Visit impressionist painter Claude Monet's famous country home where he painted his famous large-scale paintings of his water lilies. 

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Day Trip: Versailles

The seat of power in France from 1682 until 1789, the sumptuous palace of Versailles is probably the most popular day trip from Paris.

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One day in Paris

Only have one day in Paris? Here's our quick guide to seeing many of the city's big sights in one jam-packed day.

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Our Favorite Cheap Hotels in Paris

We all have favorites in life, and hotel reviewing is no different. Read our editors' picks for their favorite hotels in Paris, in categories such as "Best Super Cheapo" and "Best Location."

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Our Favorite Guidebooks

Like everyone else, we rely on guidebooks to help us make sense of the places we visit. Here, we review our favorite Paris guidebooks and share what specifically we like about each of them.

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Paris Art Museums: Admission charges and discounts

A quick outline of admission charges for the city's most popular art museums, including tips for saving.

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Paris City Guide Introduction

Who can resist the miles of treasures inside the Louvre? The chic, winding streets of boutiques? The treasures of Paris are relentless: the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, the gargoyles of Notre Dame, the quaint cafés of Ile St-Louis, and the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens are only the most obvious.

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Paris Day Trips

You might never want to leave Paris again, but if you do hunger for a quick day trip break, we've got a few suggestions: Monet's garden retreat of Giverny, the dramatic cathedral city of Chartres, and the royal palace of Versailles.

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Paris Food Stuffs: Best places for cheap and yummy eats

A brief rundown of some of the best food options when traveling in Paris, including picks for our favorite restaurants.

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Paris On The Cheap

Judith Mahoney Pasternak divulges her Paris top secrets here, in a EuroCheapo exclusive. Read about Judith's dining and transportation suggestions, her favorite historical spot, her favorite charming spot, and her favorite multipurpose park in the City of Light.

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Paris' Train Stations: Where are you going?

Are you arriving or departing from Paris by train? Here's a handy overview of which train stations in Paris serve which destinations.

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Paris: Cheap Tickets to Opera and Concerts

We love Paris. We love classical concerts and operas. And we love saving money. Thus, we combined our loves and put together a list of five ways to do culture in Paris à la cheapo.

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People We Love: Judith Mahoney Pasternak

Judith Mahoney Pasternak is the author of "A Parent's Guide to Washington, D.C." (Mars 2002), "A Parent's Guide to New York City" (2001), and "Timeless Places: Paris" (MetroBooks 2000) a coffee-table book. Additionally, she's published books on country music, jazz, Dolly Parton, and Beethoven.

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Riding the Bus in Paris

Hop aboard one of Paris' city-run buses. Read about bus routes, ticket prices and more.

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Taxis in Paris

Information about taking a taxi, taxi stands, fares and tipping.

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The Paris Metro

Learn all about Paris famous Metro system, including hours of operation, tickets prices and information about stations.

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Tramways in Paris

The city's tram service speeds passengers between the city and nearby suburbs.

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Two days in Paris

Spending two days in Paris? Here's our recommended two-day itinerary, covering most of the big sights in central Paris and Montmartre.

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Velib' - Paris Bike Share Program

Pedal around the city for (almost) free by taking part in the Vélib' bike-share program. Here's how.

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower

Are you planning to visit Paris most famous attraction? Be sure to read through our quick tips to make your visit as easy as possible.

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Visiting the Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most important museums in the world. Here are several tips for when to go, what to see, and how to make the most of your visit.

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Visiting the Sacre Coeur Basilica

The Sacre Coeur Basilica may not be the oldest church in town, but it's one of the most popular, offering, among other things, an incredible view over the city. 

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