Cheap hotels near Place de la Madeleine in Paris, France

Named for the church that resides here, l’Église de Sainte-Marie Madeleine, the Place de la Madeleine is located in Paris’ 8th arrondissement.

L’Église de Sainte-Marie Madeleine is a 19th-century neoclassical Roman Catholic church. The building is reminiscent of Greek and Roman styles and was officially built to commemorate Napoleon’s victories. The church’s bronze relief depicts the ten commandments.

For more information, including all opening times at the church, check out the church’s website. Be sure to pass through and listen to the organ music here; concerts occur at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Sundays. Or just attend a mass for free.

From here, it’s a quick walk south to the Place de la Concorde and just a ten-minute walk east to the Place Vendôme.

Hotels near Place Madeleine: The area surrounding the Place de la Madeleine is not necessarily budget-friendly, as the area attracts lots of business and luxury travelers. However, on this page you’ll see some budget hotel options in the area, especially in the area a bit east of the Place de la Madeleine near the Louvre and near the Place de l’Opéra.

Again, these aren’t the cheapest hotels in town, with most of them being in the 3-star category. To finder cheaper sleeps, head further east into the Marais or north near the Grands Boulevards.

Editor's Pick
Prince Albert Louvre, Paris

Address 5 Rue Saint Hyacinthe (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

EuroCheapo Review: The Hotel Prince Albert Louvre is a somewhat affordable two-star hotel in a five-star neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries.... read review

7.8 Guest Rating

Doubles from



Ascot Opera, Paris

Address 2, rue Monsigny (Bourse / Montorgueil (2nd))

EuroCheapo Review: Located two minutes from the Palais Royal (and another few minutes to the Louvre), the three-star Ascot Opera is transforming into a boutique hotel with somewhat affordable rates.... read review

7.6 Guest Rating

Doubles from



Hôtel Londres Saint Honoré, Paris

Address 13 rue Saint Roch (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

EuroCheapo Review: Clean, air conditioned rooms await you at the Londres Saint-Honoré, a small two-star located five-minutes from the Louvre.... read review

7.4 Guest Rating

Doubles from



Peletier Haussmann Opera, Paris

Address 15 rue le Peletier (Opéra / Grands Boulevards (9th))

EuroCheapo Review: The Hôtel Peletier Haussmann provides 26 comfortable, if somewhat tired, two-star rooms with a nice range of amenities in the center of the chic Opera shopping area.... read review

7.1 Guest Rating

Doubles from



Hôtel Louvre Richelieu, Paris

Address 51 rue de Richelieu (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

EuroCheapo Review: The Hôtel Louvre Richelieu is a mixed bag, offering both cheap and basic rooms and swanky renovated rooms at higher rates.... read review

7.0 Guest Rating

Doubles from



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