Cheap hotels near Musée d'Orsay in Paris, France

Located in a former railway station on the Left Bank of the Seine, the spectacular Musée d’Orsay is devoted to French art from 1848-1915, including the world’s largest collection of paintings by the impressionists.

The building itself is half the attraction. Constructed for the 1900 Exhibition Universelle, the station served the Paris-Orléans Railway and was the first electrified railway station in the world. After escaping demolition in the 1970s, the building was transformed into an art museum and opened in December 1986.

Today, the museum is a must visit for lovers of art and architecture alike. Its unique interior still embraces its Beaux-Arts past, and is an appropriate setting for taking in art from the same era.

Hotels near the Musee d’Orsay: The museum is located along the Seine in the pricey 7th arrondissement. There’s nothing cheapo about this area, although cheap sleeps can be found a 15-minute walk north near the Louvre, to the west near the Eiffel Tower, or to the east in St-Germain des Près.

Hotel Du Quai Voltaire, Paris

Address 19 Quai Voltaire (St. Germain des Prés (6th))

Boasting a fabulous location along the Seine with views of the Louvre, the Hotel du Quai Voltaire is an old fashioned dream of a hotel. Rates, while not the cheapest around, are surprisingly affordable.

7.7 Guest Rating




Saint Thomas d'Aquin, Paris

Address 3 rue du Pré aux Clercs (St. Germain des Prés (6th))

Tucked away three blocks from the Seine, on a quiet street filled with antique stores, the Hotel Saint-Thomas d'Aquin is a luxurious splurge.

7.6 Guest Rating




Hôtel Londres Saint Honoré, Paris

Address 13 rue Saint Roch (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

Clean, air conditioned rooms await you at the Londres Saint-Honoré, a small two-star located five-minutes from the Louvre.

7.5 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Prince Albert Louvre, Paris

Address 5 Rue Saint Hyacinthe (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

The Hotel Prince Albert Louvre is a somewhat affordable two-star hotel in a five-star neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries.

7.8 Guest Rating




Hotel Saint Dominique, Paris

Address 62 Rue Saint Dominique (Eiffel Tower / Invalides (7th))

A budget pick for years, the Hotel Saint Dominique has recently re-opened as a boutique hotel.

5.8 Guest Rating




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