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Cheap hotels near Notre-Dame-des-Champs in Paris, France

Situated on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, which divides the 6th and 14th arrondissements, the Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs shares a name with its surrounding neighborhood and the nearby boulevard that intersects it.

While the street and the district were named for a church, it wasn’t the Romanesque Notre-Dame-des-Champs of today, which was built in the 19th Century. Rather, the name comes from a small chapel from the 17th century that is long gone now.

The neighborhood straddles the southern edge of St-Germain and the northern reaches of Montparnasse, while providing easy access to the sights of both areas. Well-served by the Metro, this area is close to stations on lines 4, 6 and 12.

Cheap hotels near Notre-Dame-des-Champs: Proximal as it is to two major neighborhoods in the Left Bank, the area around Notre-Dame-des-Champs offers a good selection of affordable accommodations.

Of particular note, we recommend the Résidence du Palais, a family-run guesthouse located across the street from the Luxembourg Gardens.

Hotel Stanislas, Paris

Address 5 rue du Montparnasse (6th: St. Germain des Prés / Luxembourg Gardens)

A good choice for no-frills budget travelers. Hotel Stanislas rests between the Luxembourg gardens and the Montparnasse tower.

6.9 Guest Rating



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Editor's Pick
Résidence du Palais, Paris

Address 78 Rue D'assas (6th: St. Germain des Prés / Luxembourg Gardens)

Located literally across the street from the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Résidence du Palais offers cheapo rooms with old-fashioned style. 

7.7 Guest Rating



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Hotel des Bains, Paris

Address 33, rue Delambre (6th: St. Germain des Prés / Luxembourg Gardens)

With lovingly appointed rooms in a quiet corner of Montparnasse just minutes from the train station, The Hotel des Bains is a good value for those willing to pay a little more.



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Hotel Michelet Odeon, Paris

Address 6 Place de l’Odeon (6th: St. Germain des Prés / Luxembourg Gardens)

Given the Michelet Odeon’s swanky location near the Luxembourg Gardens and its boutique-styled rooms, its rates seem reasonable. Or at least less than you’d pay elsewhere.



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Editor's Pick
Grand Hotel des Balcons, Paris

Address 3 rue Casimir Delavigne (6th: St. Germain des Prés / Luxembourg Gardens)

A popular Cheapo pick just off the ritzy Boulevard St-Germain, the Grand Hotel des Balcons offers comfortable two-star rooms, charming touches and a full-blown American breakfast.

8.4 Guest Rating



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