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Cheap hotels near Sorbonne in Paris, France

The Sorbonne commonly refers to the historic building on the Place de la Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter, just off the Boulevard St-Michel.

The Collège de Sorbonne was founded in 1257 as one of the colleges in the University of Paris and existed until 1882. In 1970, the University of Paris was divided up into 13 different universities, four of which use the name “Sorbonne” and have offices or classrooms in the original building.

The Place de la Sorbonne is a peaceful and studious square, lined with cafes and bookstores. The streets surrounding the square are packed with shops that cater to student and professorial needs.

Hotels near the Sorbonne: The Sorbonne is the heart of the Latin Quarter, and is thus surrounded by many affordable hotel options. This is prime Cheapo territory.

Cheapos will love the Hotel Cluny Sorbonne, which offers starving-artist type garrets and views of the Sorbonne, while visiting professors (and parents) will find the nearby Hotel des 3 Collèges quite charming.

Editor's Pick
Cluny Sorbonne, Paris

Address 8, rue Victor Cousin (the Latin Quarter (5th))

Located across the street from the Université de la Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter, the Hotel Cluny Sorbonne possesses a quaint charm, prime location and renovated rooms.

7.9 Guest Rating



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Hotel Design Sorbonne, Paris

Address 6 rue Victor Cousin (the Latin Quarter (5th))

A three-star "design hotel" with boutique style, modern furniture and dramatic lighting... and sometimes affordable rates.

8.3 Guest Rating



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Editor's Pick
Hôtel des 3 Collèges, Paris

Address 16, Rue Cujas (the Latin Quarter (5th))

The hotel embraces the neighborhood's Medieval collegiate history, with renovated (if boring) three-star rooms fit for a professor.

8.0 Guest Rating



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Editor's Pick
Hotel de Suez, Paris

Address 31 Boulevard Saint Michel (the Latin Quarter (5th))

One of the most convenient Left Bank hotels on our list, the Suez offers reliable rooms just minutes from the Place St-Michel.

8.2 Guest Rating



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Hotel Diana, Paris

Address 73, rue Saint-Jacques (the Latin Quarter (5th))

Located just south of the Boulevard Saint-Germain on rue Saint-Jacques, the two-star Diana is a friendly, warm and inviting spot, if not particularly "cheapo."



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