Getting Around Pisa

Getting Around Pisa - Pisa, Italy

Compact Pisa is best enjoyed by walking, but if your tired feet need a rest the city bus system and taxis are viable alternatives. For a different view of the city, try an excursion on one of Pisa's bike paths or a boat ride on the Arno River.


The Compagnia Pisana Trasporti (CPT) operates Pisa's buses. A ticket good for one-hour from first use costs €1, a two-hour ticket costs €1.30, and four-hour ticket costs €1.60. Another option is to buy a carnet of four tickets for €3.30 or 10 tickets for €7.95. The cheapest bet, however, is a day-pass for €3.05.

Daily service on most lines begins at 6 AM and ends at midnight. During holidays, service starts at 7:30 AM.

By Bike or On Foot

Pisa's comprehensive network of bike paths is great for exploring the city and the surrounding areas. The ever-expanding trails run along the river and the old aqueduct, making their way to the mountains and the coast. Many paths are only for cyclists.

Most of Pisa's sights are also within easy walking distance of each other. Take a ramble through the streets of the old town and discover all the charms of the city.


Taxi service is run by the Co.Ta.Pi Pisa taxi cooperative. Initial fare is €2.90 with a minimum charge of €5.70. After that, different fares apply depending on where you are in the city. Within the center of Pisa, fare is €1 per kilometer and farther out it's €1.70 per kilometer. An additional €2.30 is added into the fare for nights and holidays. Certain other fees apply for luggage (€0.60) and oversized bags (€1.10).

Several taxi stands exist at points within the city, including the airport, Centrale Station, Piazza dei Miracoli and the Via Palestro. Alternatively, call 050-541600 to get a taxi anywhere.

Boat Tours

From April to October, Il Navicello runs two boat tours along the Arno. An hour-long tour within the city limits costs €5. The “nature” tour to San Rossore Park on the coast costs €8 roundtrip (bring your bike for an extra €1). Both tours leave from the San Paolo pier.

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