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Hotel Alessandro Della Spina, Pisa

Address Via Alessandro Della Spina 2 / 7 / 9 (San Martino)

The three-star Alessandro Della Spina is a five-minute walk from the central train station of Pisa.

8.6 Guest Rating


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Hotel Francesco, Pisa

2Hotel Francesco

3 star star

Address Via Santa Maria 129 (Santa Maria)

The three-star Francesco is in the Santa Maria district of Pisa near the Leaning Tower.

8.1 Guest Rating

Hotel Novecento, Pisa

3Hotel Novecento

3 star star

Address Via Roma 37 (Santa Maria)

Housed in a 19th-century mansion, the Novecento is located in the Santa Maria district a few blocks from the Arno River.

8.0 Guest Rating


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Royal Victoria Hotel, Pisa

Address Lungarno Pacinotti 12 (Santa Maria)

The three-star Royal Victoria has been a family hotel since 1837 and the building has a 1,000 year history.

7.9 Guest Rating

Hotel Leonardo, Pisa

5Hotel Leonardo

3 star star

Address Via Tavoleria 17 (Santa Maria)

Housed in an 18th-century building, the three-star Leonardo is located northeast of the University of Pisa in Santa Maria.

7.7 Guest Rating

Hotel Di Stefano, Pisa

6Hotel Di Stefano

3 star star

Address Via S. Apollonia 35 (Santa Maria)

Di Stefano is a three-star hotel located in Santa Maria near the Leaning Tower.

7.7 Guest Rating

La Pace, Pisa

7La Pace

3 star star

Address Viale Gramsci, Galleria B 14 (Centrale Station)

La Pace is a three-star hotel near the central train station of Pisa, south of the city center.

7.4 Guest Rating

Hotel Verdi, Pisa

8Hotel Verdi

3 star star

Address Piazza della Repubblica 5/6 (San Francesco)

The three-star Verdi is housed in an 11th-century building 400 meters east of the University of Pisa.

7.2 Guest Rating

Hotel Touring, Pisa

9Hotel Touring

3 star star

Address Via Puccini 24 (San Martino)

The Touring is located a few blocks from the central train station.

7.0 Guest Rating

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