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Prague City Guide Introduction - Prague, Czech Republic

Intro to Prague

Since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Prague has captured the imaginations of countless visitors. It's easy to understand how this romantic city has pierced the fantasies of so many. While Prague has a deeply charming old town, the city's architectural appeals alone extend far beyond it.

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Prague essentials

Expect to Spend: Prague

What should you expect to spend in Prague on your hotel? What might you spend on a good restaurant meal? We'll answer these questions for you with our trademark aplomb and verve. And you'll love it, the way you always do. » read more

Getting Around Prague

Central Prague covers a relatively small area, best traversed by foot. For reaching sights and hotels outside the historical center, the Prague transportation system is efficient and extremely affordable. » read more

Getting Into Prague

Getting into Prague from the airport is pretty simple. Whether you take the bus or a newly-standardized taxi, stick with our guide to make things as easy as possible. We'll also tell you why you might want to use the metro to get from Prague's main train station into the city. » read more

Prague Budget Tips

How are you going to keep it cheap in Prague? We'll tell you how to find the tourism office, list admission prices for various museums and other attractions, and provide you with a tangle of free sights to choose from. So you won't have to watch your koruny quite so carefully. » read more

Prague Car Rentals

If you decide to rent a car on a day trip to some quaint corner of the Czech Republic, we can help you. We've worked out what you can expect to pay for a one-day economy car rental in Prague, and we've also done some research on local car rental outfits. » read more

Prague feature stories

People We Love: Troy M. Litten

Check out EuroCheapo's first "People We Love" installment, on San Francisco Art Director and Graphic Designer Troy M. Litten. Read about Troy's love of Eastern Europe, his travel philosophy, and his tips for fully relaxing into the places he's visiting.

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Prague City Guide Introduction

Since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Prague has captured the imaginations of countless visitors. It's easy to understand how this romantic city has pierced the fantasies of so many. While Prague has a deeply charming old town, the city's architectural appeals alone extend far beyond it.

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Prague Day Trip: Brno

Brno may not feature the breathtaking Old World charm of its better known cousin, Prague, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a visit. The Czech Republic's second largest city has tons of culture and a dynamic art scene.

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Prague Day Trip: Karlovy Vary

Even if you're not enticed by Karlovy Vary's renowned spas, the city has a ton to offer, including stunning architecture and old world charm.

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Prague Day Trip: Plzen

In the most beer-crazy country in Europe, Plzen is the most beer-crazy town. The birthplace of pilsner lager, it's one of the best places on earth to have a cold one.

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Prague Day Trips

We've come up with three day trip suggestions for that moment when you realize you need a break from Prague's deep charm: the spa town of Karlovy Vary, the country's second city of Brno, and the beer town of Plzen.

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Prague Hotel Overview

Prague is a bit of an accommodation conundrum. The cost of eating, drinking, and getting around the city is very affordable, while hotel accommodation, relatively speaking, is not. Here's the lowdown on all things hotel.

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Prague: Top 10 Attractions

From museums and opera performances to public squares and impressive architecture, there’s no shortage of activity in this beautiful Czech city. Here are ten of our favorite, Cheapo-friendly attractions for Prague.

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Reviewing Prague

Vivien administers the trusty EuroCheapo Q & A here, discussing her favorite Prague hotels, the state of tourism in the Czech capital, the mystery of "guesthouses," and the gorgeous grounds of Vysehrad.

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Taxis: Getting around Prague

Taxis in Prague are not often a Cheapo's dream.  If you do take one, though, you should know how to avoid getting ripped off.

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The Metro: Getting around Prague

Prague's modestly sized metro system isn't essential, but it can be a cheap and helpful transportation tool. Check out how best to get around Prague underground.

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The Tram System: Getting around Prague

Trams are everywhere in Prague, and they can make getting around a whole lot easier.  Check out our tips for making the most of your rides here.

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From our Prague blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo’s guide to cheap hotels in Prague and throughout Europe.

Blending new with old and East with West, this beautiful city can be a Cheapo’s dream—if you know how to do it right. Let us help you find out!

Find the perfect budget hotel

Prague is full of great places to sleep on a budget, from bare-bones youth hostels to elegant Baroque palaces. Our editors have combed them all, recommending the best accommodations that are clean, central and cheap. And if they’ve got a touch of Czech-style charm, they’ll get even better marks.

• Search for your dates in the box above to see available hotels.

• Click through to see a list of our recommended cheap hotels.

Our guide to Prague on a budget

With its beautiful Gothic and Baroque buildings, Prague may look ritzy, but it can definitely be enjoyed on the cheap. Head over to our Prague city guide and our blog to find out how. You’ll find tips about the best ways to save on transportation, food, museums and more.

Thank you for visiting EuroCheapo! Together, we can afford to go anywhere.

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