Getting Around Riga

Getting Around Riga - Riga, Latvia

When visiting Riga, you'll walk a lot. But you'll also probably experience a bus, trolley ride or perhaps even a taxi ride. Here's a quick overview of the transportation options available to you in Riga.

Walking around Riga

Many of the main sights and sounds (don’t forget the Opera!) of Riga are within an easy walking distance, especially in Old Town.

Before you begin checking out the attractions, we recommend visiting the tourism office at the Ratslaukums (center of Old Town; tel: 6704 4377) as a starting point. The office is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. (closed between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.). Grab a map, a few brochures, and start hoofing it!

Buses, Trolleys, and Trams

While Old Town Riga is most easily navigated by foot alone, other forms of transport—namely a system of trams, trolleys and buses—are handy for visiting areas further afield. And, of course, they come in handy when getting to and from the airport and train station.

Tickets for all forms of local transport are .50 LVL (about €.75) in advance, and .70 LVL (about €1) if purchased from a driver or conductor. Note that there is an additional charge (.80 LVL or about €1.25) for carrying luggage on all forms of public transit, with the exception of bus #22 that runs between Old Town and the airport.

Tickets can be purchased for five (2.50 LVL), 10 (4.75 LVL) and 20 (9 LVL) trips, or for longer periods of time. A 24-hour ticket is good for unlimited bus, trolley and tram trips and costs 1.90 LVL (about €2.70) and a three-day ticket costs 5.70 LVL (about €8.50).

The main bus station in Riga is situated just south of the Old Town near Central Market. From here, and at other major hubs like the Ratslaukums (Town Hall Square), tourists are well poised for sightseeing.

For more information, including maps and timetables, visit the Riga bus system Web site.

Taxis in Riga

Taxis are easily available throughout the city, most notably in front of the main train station and airport. Beware of cars with non-functioning meters, or taxis without any decals on the outer doors or in the windows. A typical rate during the daytime is .50 LVL per kilometer, around 1.50 LVL per kilometer at night. If taking a taxi from the airport, ask for the fare before getting into the cab.

The two main taxi companies are Riga Taxi (6710 1010) and Bona Taxi (8000 5050).

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