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The Altstadt is Salzburg's hub, its gold star, the sine qua non of its touristy appeal. Its medieval almond-shaped layout is crowded with well-preserved baroque architecture, church spires, and 14th-century townhouses. Although these lovely structures have been sullied by luxury shops, pricey cafes, and gaudy window displays of Mozartkugeln, various charms endure.

Wrought-iron shop signs figure prominently against a backdrop of mountains (Mönchsberg in the south and Kapuzinerberg in the north) and noble fortresses. And although the tourists pushing through winding, narrow streets can be a headache, expansive town squares give the throngs room to disperse.

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Hotel am Dom, Salzburg

1Hotel am Dom

3 star star

Address Goldgasse 17 (Altstadt)

The centrally located Altstadt's Hotel am Dom offers 14 boutique rooms in a well-preserved 14th-century house.

8.8 Guest Rating


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Goldene Ente, Salzburg

2Goldene Ente

3 star star

Address Goldgasse 10 (Altstadt)

Housed in a 14th-century building on one of the Altstadt’s most appealing little streets, the three-star Hotel Goldene Ente is a lush, colorful splurge.

8.6 Guest Rating


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Gasthaus Hinterbruhl, Salzburg

Address Schanzlgasse 12 (Altstadt)

The cozy 12-room Gasthaus Hinterbruhl—housed in a tower from the original 14th-century Altstadt wall—captures the vibe of a genuine "inn" without feeling contrived.

7.5 Guest Rating

Altstadt Kasererbrau, Salzburg

Address Kaigasse 33 (Altstadt)

The regal Hotel Kasererbräu, housed in a 650-year-old brewery, is squeezed onto Kaigasse, a tiny street in Altstadt.

6.4 Guest Rating


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Christkonig-Kolleg Fruhstuckspension, Salzburg

Address Kapitelplatz 2A (Altstadt)

The ideally located Christkönig-Kolleg Frühstückspension, built in 1376, is nestled behind Kapitelplatz in Altstadt.


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