Cheap hotels in Right Bank, Salzburg

Attractions in the compact Right Bank are plentiful. The area is defined by the pedestrian-only Linzergasse (and Kapuzinerberg) to the east, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse in the west, and the crescent-shaped boulevard Franz-Josef-Strasse in the north.

Nearby attractions include Mirabellplatz and the Mirabellgarten, as well as the Mozart-Wohnhaus (not to be confused with the Altstadt’s Geburtshaus). The Right Bank is a little less frenetic than the Altstadt across the Salzach, but not by much. Bottom line: where there are narrow streets, visible mountains, cute shops, and historic buildings, there are crowds.

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Hotel Wolf Dietrich, Salzburg

Address Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 7 (Right Bank)

The Alstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich is definitely a splurge, but you get a lot for your euro, including a deluxe feel and proximity to major attractions.

8.6 Guest Rating




Altstadthotel Amadeus, Salzburg

Address Linzer Gasse 43-45 (Right Bank)

This Right Bank hotel—a true splurge—is best-suited for travelers who want good-looking rooms on one of Salzburg's liveliest streets.

8.4 Guest Rating




Ante Portas, Salzburg

Address Linzer Bundesstraße 49 (Right Bank)

The Ante Portas is a hostel offering apartment-style accommodation in a quiet residential area of Salzburg. Though the location is a bit more far-flung, traveling to the city’s main attractions is a snap.

8.3 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Hotel Goldene Krone, Salzburg

Address Linzer Gasse 48 (Right Bank)

What a location! The 24-room Hotel Goldene Krone is a family-owned, 15th-century hotel on lovely pedestrian-only Linzergasse.

8.1 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Hotel Garni Trumer Stube, Salzburg

Address Bergstraße 6 (Right Bank)

The three-star Hotel Garni Trumer Stube offers 20 basic, cutesy rooms on a quiet side street between the main drags Dreifältigkeitsgasse and Linzergasse.

8.0 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Institut St. Sebastian, Salzburg

Address Linzergasse 41 (Right Bank)

The Institut St. Sebastian serves as both guesthouse and student dormitory, but younger travelers and families on a budget will feel welcome here too.



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