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Bergland Hotel

Rupertgasse 15, Salzburg, Austria

Editor's Pick
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg

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We love the bright, whimsical and mildly wacky Hotel Bergland, a family-owned three-star hotel in residential Schallmoos.

The Bergland has 18 clean, individually decorated rooms that delightfully reinterpret classic Austrian style. They have well-coordinated color schemes and promote a sort of postmodern, "decorations-for-decorations'-sake" aesthetic. (The stranger rooms could keep a small child transfixed for hours.) Wall adornments such as a row of wide-brim hats, a creepy old clock and an empty picture frame are among the standouts.

Some rooms feature English-garden wicker chairs and traditional hand-painted wooden furniture. All have huge windows (some floor-to-ceiling!) and giant bathrooms (some with tubs). There's also a tiny solarium on the second floor.

The atmospheric lobby is outfitted in rich dark woods, bookshelves stuffed with books, giant plants and a bar. Free parking and breakfast—as well as a bizarre backyard "garden" full of pebbles—just make things better. If you're looking for kookiness that titillates but doesn't overwhelm, the Bergland has it it!

Note: This hotel was visited by a EuroCheapo editor and is recommended based on cleanliness, location, price and overall quality. EuroCheapo did not charge this hotel to be listed.



  • Breakfast Included
  • Elevator
  • Wi-Fi: Free


  • Bathroom: Private
  • Bathtubs Available
  • Cable TV
  • Safe
  • Telephone
  • TV

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Rupertgasse 15
Schallmoos, Salzburg, Austria

Phone: +43 662 87 23 18
Fax: +43 662 87 23 18 8

Website: http://www.berglandhotel.at/

Email: kuhn@berglandhotel.at

About the Bergland Hotel neighborhood

The bulk of Salburg's Cheapo-friendly properties lie in Schallmoos, an expansive neighborhood that stretches north from Franz-Josef-Strasse and east from the train tracks. Schallmoos is a residential area, with stately townhouses in the south fading into low buildings and gas stations closer to the Autobahn. Swanky southern Schallmoos is within walking distance of all things Altstadt, while many hotels in northern Schallmoos offer free parking.

Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg

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