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Pension Sandwirt

Lastenstrasse 6a, Salzburg, Austria

Editor's Pick
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg

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Doubles from: $52

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The area east of the Hauptbahnhof is desolate and ugly. However, the Pension Sandwirt is such a good deal and the owners are so friendly that we just had to include it.

The Sandwirt is ideal for small, undemanding groups of travelers who know each other well—for example, a bunch traveling on a Eurail spree or driving around Europe in a van. Even though the quarters can get pretty tight, the triples and quads are a bargain.

Mind you, these aren't fashionable rooms, and not all are en suite. The beds are cramped together, and the wall-mounted televisions are tiny. A table that looks like it was made for card playing is planted right in the middle of it all. Rooms have their own sinks but the toilets are communal. Privacy's not exactly a priority: larger rooms have a bizarre Duschkabinett (shower closet) right next to the beds, so best be comfortable with your roommates.

There's free breakfast in the morning and a kitchen for guests to use. Ask at the front desk and the owner will lend you toiletries or a hair dryer.

The Sandwirt is in a courtyard behind a building with its own little (free!) parking area.

Note: This hotel was visited by a EuroCheapo editor and is recommended based on cleanliness, location, price and overall quality. EuroCheapo did not charge this hotel to be listed.



  • Breakfast Included


  • Cable TV


Lastenstrasse 6a
Schallmoos, Salzburg, Austria

Phone: +43 662 87 43 51
Fax: Same as phone

About the Pension Sandwirt neighborhood

The bulk of Salburg's Cheapo-friendly properties lie in Schallmoos, an expansive neighborhood that stretches north from Franz-Josef-Strasse and east from the train tracks. Schallmoos is a residential area, with stately townhouses in the south fading into low buildings and gas stations closer to the Autobahn. Swanky southern Schallmoos is within walking distance of all things Altstadt, while many hotels in northern Schallmoos offer free parking.

Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg

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