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Expect to Spend: San Francisco

Seeing San Francisco on the cheap is not as hard as you might think. We'll tell you what you can expect to pay for a hotel room and a meal, and give you tips on how to save on both. » read more

Getting Around San Francisco

Buses, trolleys, trains and cable cars... San Francisco's public transit system is vast and sometimes confusing. We break it down for you, and extol the virtues of walking (even on hills). » read more

Getting Into San Francisco

There are three major airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, all of which are easily connected to the city. We’ll give you the ins and outs at each one, plus how to get in by train. » read more

San Francisco Budget Tips

San Francisco is a surprisingly budget-friendly city. We'll fill you in on the prices for some of the city's top attractions, and share scores of others that are free or nearly so. » read more

San Francisco Car Rentals

Between the hills and the one-way streets, renting a car in San Francisco is not advisable. If you want to head out of town, though, we'll tell you how to rent a car, and what you can expect to pay. » read more

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Reviewing San Francisco

Cheapo Suzanne reviewed hotels in her former home town. She talks about the San Francisco hotel scene and shares some local intel. » read more

San Francisco Hotel Overview

We'll explain what you can expect in a San Francisco budget hotel. We'll also tell you when to visit for the best rates, and give advice about neighborhoods.

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Welcome to San Francisco

San Francisco is a city for dreamers. Maybe it’s the ethereal wisps and tufts of fog that blanket the city. Maybe it’s those 43 oh-so-steep hills, or the plucky cable-cars-that-could that nimbly climb them. Regardless, it’s no wonder folks croon about leaving their hearts here.

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