Siena neighborhoods

You know you're headed to Siena. But what part of town will be ideal for your stay? Here's a quick overview of Siena's most central neighborhoods.


This neighborhood in the southwest quadrant of the city includes areas both inside and outside the city walls. The Duomo and its museums, the Basilica di S. Domingo, and Santo Maria della Scala are all found here.

Those hotels close to the city center are within walking distance of many other tourist attractions, while other hotels may be somewhat further away.

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Fortezza Stadium

Most of this neighborhood is located outside the medieval city walls. The Forti di Santa Barbara, also called the Fortezza Medicea, is found here, as is Siena's main train station. Most of the hotels here are within walking distance of major museums and monuments.

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Piazza Del Campo

Named for the famous Piazza del Campo, this neighborhood encompasses the southeast quadrant of the city. The Palazzo Pubblico, which houses the Museo Civico and the Torre Mangia, is also found here. Most of this area is within the city walls, so it should be easy to walk from here to other nearby tourist attractions.

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San Francesco

This area northeast of the city is named for the Basilica di S. Francesco and its accompanying piazza. Much of the neighborhood is located in a hilly, verdant area outside the city walls. The location makes for a challenging walk to other museums and monuments, though offers breathtaking city views. The town's main Piazza del Campo is a windy downhill, or uphill, walk from Piazza San Francesco.

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