Stuttgart neighborhoods

Central Stuttgart

Central Stuttgart is just south of the city's central train station and the expansive Schlossgarten. Here, tourists will find most main city attractions. For example, the Altes Castle at Schillerplatz now houses the Wurtemberg State Museum.

For a great view of the city, travelers can visit the Mercedes Platform in the tower of the train station (Bonus: It offers free admission and impressive views of surrounding hillsides and their respective vineyards).

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Eastern Stuttgart

Eastern Stuttgart makes up the area between the center of the city and the Neckar River. The area is not serviced by the S-Bahn, but has access to the Schlosspark. Most sights are within walking distance from the Eastern neighborhood, but travelers should note that the streets can be steep leading into city center. Central Stuttgart and its train station are two miles inland from Neckar.

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Hotels here are located around Rosensteinpark on the north side of Stuttgart and just west of the Neckar River. At the northern end of the park, tourists can find the Wilhelma Zoo, definitely worth a trip. It's housed within the botanicial garden grounds of Schloss Rosenstein.
The central train station of Stuttgart is one S-Bahn stop from Rosensteinpark. Bad Cannstatt, the site of Germany's second largest beer festival, is just across the river via Konigs Karl Bridge.

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South Stuttgart

South Stuttgart is the place to find the Lapidarium, a park near Marienplatz featuring gargoyles, statues and two hundred Roman artifacts. The Karlshohe is also here and offers sweeping views of the city and Kriegsberg vineyards. Central Stuttgart is within easy walking distance and there are S-Bahn stops nearby.

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Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart International Airport is 10 miles south of the city. Its four terminals are all within walking distance of each other.

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Western Stuttgart

The Western Stuttgart neighborhood begins just west of Theodor-Hausse-Strasse and extends to Zeppelinstrasse. The University of Stuttgart is part of the neighborhood as well as the Linden Museum which features large ethnological exhibits covering Asia and Africa. The Stadtgarden adds a touch of green to the area and the well-known Kriesberg Vineyards retain an outpost on Jagerstrasse.

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