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I want to book a hotel.

Great! If the hotel is listed as an "Editors Pick," we list full contact information, including phone number and fax. If we have an email address or website link, we include that in the listing. (If you don't see one, we don't have the info... sorry!)

For hotels we review that also allow online booking, click the "Get Rates" button to view availability and pricing from our bookings partners.

If you used CheapoSearch to find bookable hotels, we will show you hotels available for your dates from our booking partners. Please note that you are booking through another agency (Venere.com, Booking.com, HostelWorld.com) and not through EuroCheapo.

How do I contact the reservation agencies?

All hotel reservations are processed through one of our booking partners, including:

Booking's help section
Booking customer service phone: +31 707 703 884
Booking customer service email: customer.service@booking.com

Hostelbooker's help section
Hostelbooker's customer service phone: +44 207 406 1800

HostelWorld's help section
HostelWorld's customer service phone: +353 (0) 1 5245800
HostelWorld's customer service email: customerservice@hostelworld.com

Laterooms help section.
Laterooms customer service phone: +44 (0) 844 774 2002
Laterooms customer service form.

Venere's help section
Venere customer service phone: (+39) 06 361 92 555, or (+39) 06 361 921
Venere customer service email: customer.service@venere.com

I lost my confirmation. Can you send me one?

All hotel reservations are processed through one of our booking partners. Please contact them, using the information above.

You will need to go to the website of the partner that handled your booking and log in to view reservations.

If you made your reservation by contacting the hotel directly, you must contact the hotel again to get your information, as we have no record of it.

I need to cancel my reservation.

If you booked directly with the hotel, please contact the hotel to cancel.

If you booked online using our online bookings partners, please follow the cancellation instructions included in your confirmation email. If you lost your confirmation email, please follow the instructions above.

Is it safe to give credit card info?

All credit card transactions taking place through our partner's reservation systems are processed using secure server technology. These are completely secure and safe. If you are booking directly with a hotel, we would suggest faxing your credit card information.

I'd like to book a group.

You can book up to ten people using EuroCheapo's booking partners. You may always break up your reservation for more than ten by reserving for one portion first, then continuing, as necessary. Of course, you may also find cheaper prices by contacting the hotel directly to ask about group rates.

Your prices are wrong.

Prices quoted in the EuroCheapo "Editors Picks" section were given to us by the hotels during our last trip to that city. These prices are listed in good faith on EuroCheapo and are, to the best of our knowledge, correct. We update all prices annually, however, prices do occasionally become outdated on the site. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please report inaccurate prices to us.

Prices quoted in the "CheapoSearch" results are accurate and reflect prices offered by our booking partners for the hotels on the dates you searched.

Is there an age limit for hostels?

Unless otherwise noted, there is not an age limit or minimum age for youth hostels listed on our site.

Do hotel prices include tax?

Prices for hotels booked through EuroCheapo bookings partners include any applicable tax. Prices quoted in our "Editors Picks" are approximate and reflect the price given to us by the hotel at the time of our last visit.

Do hotel prices include breakfast?

All hotels are different. Read the description carefully. As a rule of thumb, if breakfast is included in the price, the hotel will do their best to make it obvious! If you don't see it, don't count on it!

How do I email the hotel?

To email a hotel listed as an "Editors Pick," simply click on the "EMAIL NOW" link. If you do not see this link, the hotel hasn't provided us with an email address (or the hotel simply doesn't have email service). We do not have email address on file for hotels listed through CheapoSearch, as that information is kept by the booking partners.

How do I phone the hotel?

To phone a hotel listed as an "Editors Pick," simply dial the country code, plus phone number listed in our review. We do not have phone numbers on file for hotels that are not "Editors Picks" or for youth hostel listings.

The phone/fax number/email for a hotel is wrong.

To report a phone/fax number or email address that is incorrect, please email us. Please include the corrected information if you have it available. Many thanks for keeping EuroCheapo up-to-date!

A page isn't loading.

This happens from time to time. Please email us the page you're trying to access.

I can't find a hotel I once saw on EuroCheapo.

We are constantly updating EuroCheapo, adding new hotels and taking down hotel listings. Listings are removed for many different reasons, including negative reviews, change of management, or space constraints.

I have a different problem.

We've got an answer. Email it to us.



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