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Emergency Government Contact Information

In Trouble? Get Help from Home

EuroCheapo urges you not to get in trouble whilst traveling. We know that stern admonitions only carry so much weight, and, inevitably, trouble happens. Sometimes trouble is fun. Sometimes trouble is stupid. Here are some contact numbers to help get you out of trouble.

Emergency Contact Information

United States Citizens

U.S. citizens can rely on the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs' Overseas Citizen Services (OCS).

The OCS website offers assistance to Americans traveling abroad, including contact numbers to reach the consular offices in case of emergency.

For basic international travel information and advisories, check out the State Department's travel advisory site.

British Citizens

For British citizens, always check The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for travel advice, consular information by country, and travel advisories.

Canadian Citizens

Foreign Affairs Canada's Operations Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be called collect by Canadian citizens outside of Canada and the United States at (613) 996-8885.

For a listing of the range of services offered by Foreign Affairs Canada, check out the agency's website.

New Zealand Citizens

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's travel advice line can be reached at +64 4 439 8000.

See the ministry's travel assistance website for information about assistance overseas, travel tips, embassies, and more.

Australian Citizens

The Australian government's helpful "Smart Traveller" website offers a range of helpful information for Australians traveling abroad, including travel advisories by country, traveller registration, insurance, and embassy and consulate information.

The Consular Emergency Centre operates a 24-hour a day help line. Outside of Australia call +61 2 6261 3305.


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