Getting Around Valencia

Getting Around Valencia - Valencia, Spain

Valencia has two main public transportation systems: bus and Metro/tram. Some transportation passes allow for transit on both systems. Alternatively, you can hail a cab for longer distances or enjoy the city on foot.

Metro and Tram

Valencia has three Metro lines (numbered 1, 3, and 5) reaching from the coast out into the neighboring towns and the airport. There are two trams, lines 4 and 6, both situated slightly north of the city center.

The Metro/tram system is divided into four zones, with ticket prices varying by how many zones you cross to reach your destination. Most of the major tourist sites are located in the city center within Zone A. A single ticket for Zone A costs &euro1.40, or buy a group of 10 Metro tickets for €6.50.


Encompassing 56 routes and seven night buses, Valencia's bus system crisscrosses the city center and surrounding areas. A single ticket costs €1.25, or buy 10 bus tickets for €6.

Transportation Passes

While individual tickets are specific to either the Metro/tram or the buses, it is possible to buy combination tickets and passes that allow for transfer between the two systems. A group of 10 tickets (which allow one transfer between bus and Metro or between two bus lines) costs €7.45.

To get the most bang for your euro, purchase a one-day pass valid on all transportation lines for €3.50, a two-day pass for €6, or a three-day pass for €8.60.

On foot

With so many of the tourist sights located within walking distance in the city center, it's easy to get around Valencia on foot.


Multiple taxi companies operate within Valencia, and there are several taxi stands located throughout the city. You can also ask at the airport or your hotel for the number of a reliable taxi company. Note that night and weekend rates are more expensive than day rates.

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