Verona neighborhoods

You known you're headed to Verona. But what part of town will be ideal for your stay? Here's a quick overview of Verona's most central neighborhoods.

Borgo Milano-Stadium

Located in the western part of the city, this neighborhood doesn't have much in the way of sights or attractions besides the sports stadium. The Porta Nuova train station and Basilica San Zeno are within easy walking distance of most hotels in this neighborhood. It's about a 30-minute walk to the city center and public buses run regular service throughout the area.

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Borgo Venezia and San Michele

This neighborhood is situated along the eastern edge of Verona and inland from the Adige River. The intersection here of Via 20 Settembre and Via Colonnello Giovanni Fincato is a mile away from the city center. The city center is not within easy walking distance from here, but travelers can opt for the local bus or bring a car. The old Porta Vescovo train station, which was Verona's main rail hub before the construction of Porta Nuova, is found here.

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Cittadella Porta Nuova

Old Town is less than a mile to the north of this neighborhood making it an easy walk to Verona's central tourist sights. Cittadella Porta Nuova is also perfectly situated for direct access to the main train and bus stations a mile south. Attractions in this neighborhood include Juliet's tomb and the Radio Museum. Museo degli Affreschi houses frescoes. The Roman Arena is off Via Roma, just outside of the neighborhood's northern border, across the street from Porta Nuova.

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Old Town

Like in most European cities, Old Town is where the action is. Located within a loop created by the Adige waterway, old Verona is only a few hundred meters across, but jammed with historical sights. The Roman Arena sits on Via Roma to the south. Gardello Tower is located to the north of Piazza delle Erbe while Lamberti Tower is just east of the square. The Sant' Anastasia church has its own Piazza and Juliet's House is on Via Cappello. In addition, the neighborhood offers easy access to sights outside of the area.

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