Cheap hotels in Borgo Venezia and San Michele, Verona

This neighborhood is situated along the eastern edge of Verona and inland from the Adige River. The intersection here of Via 20 Settembre and Via Colonnello Giovanni Fincato is a mile away from the city center. The city center is not within easy walking distance from here, but travelers can opt for the local bus or bring a car. The old Porta Vescovo train station, which was Verona's main rail hub before the construction of Porta Nuova, is found here.

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Residence Viale Venezia, Verona

Address Corso Venezia 89 (Borgo Venezia and San Michele)

The Residence Viale Venezia offers 96 self-catering apartments in a location that's just east of Verona's city center and just mere steps from Verona University.

8.2 Guest Rating




Hotel Maxim, Verona

Address Via Carlo Belviglieri 42 (Borgo Venezia and San Michele)

The four-star Maxim is a bigger place, with 145 rooms, situated close to Verona's city center. The hotel sits just north of Via Unita d'Italia and close to the Porto Nuovo train station.

7.5 Guest Rating




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