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Montresor Hotel Palace, Verona

Address Via Luigi Galvani 19 (Borgo Milano-Stadium)

The four-star Montressor Hotel Palace offers sixty-six rooms located just west of Verona in the residential Borgo Milano-Stadio district. From the hotel, it's about a 25-minute walk into town.

8.3 Guest Rating

Corte Ongaro Hotel, Verona

2Corte Ongaro Hotel

4 star star

Address Via Scuderlando 40 (Fiera - Z.A.I.)

The four-star Corte Ongaro is located within walking distance of the fairgrounds and exhibition centers of Verona. It's also a short stroll from the Porto Nuovo train station.

8.3 Guest Rating

Hotel Maxim, Verona

3Hotel Maxim

4 star star

Address Via Carlo Belviglieri 42 (Borgo Venezia and San Michele)

The four-star Maxim is a bigger place, with 145 rooms, situated close to Verona's city center. The hotel sits just north of Via Unita d'Italia and close to the Porto Nuovo train station.

7.1 Guest Rating

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