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On the other side of the Donau canal from Innere Stadt, Leopoldstadt is Vienna's newest chic neighborhood. Originally the Jewish quarter, Leopoldstadt is now home to restaurants and bars chock a block with pretty young things.

Bear in mind those spots are a bit more spread out compared to the rest of the city. There are areas in Leopoldstadt that feel decidedly empty after dark. Stay close enough to the canal (which has sand and sunbathers in the summer) and it's an inexpensive alternative to the center of the city.

Hotel Stefanie, Vienna

1Hotel Stefanie

4 star star

Address Taborstraße 12 (Leopoldstadt)

A four-star option in the gentrified neighborhood of Leopoldstadt, the Hotel Stefanie is closer to the Schwedenplatz—just over the bridge crossing the Donau Canal—than many Innere Stadt hotels.

8.8 Guest Rating


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