Washington DC neighborhoods

Dupont Circle - Embassy Row

Dupont Circle is less than a mile north of The White House. It is a neighborhood bustling with bars, restaurants and shops and is also known a diplomatic stomping ground (aka Embassy Row).

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Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom runs along the east side of the Potomac River north of the Lincoln Memorial. The neighborhood is home to George Washington University and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts. It's filled with bars and restaurants and late night jazz clubs.

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Georgetown runs along the Potomac River a few miles northwest of the Lincoln Memorial. It is home to Georgetown University, a waterfront park of the same name and lots of restaurants, bars and shopping.

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Near The Mall

The center of this neighborhood is considered to be Scott and Thomas Circles, which are north of The Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building. The National Geographic Society, the Washington Convention Center and the Studio and Warehouse Theaters are in the neighborhood.

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