Justinus-Haus Zurich

Freudenbergstrasse 146, Zurich, SwitzerlandHostel

Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich

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Doubles from: $105

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The journey from Zurich’s central station to the Justinus-Haus involves a 10-minute tram ride and another two minutes on an unmanned funicular. What swaits at the top of the hill is a delightful mansion and a breathtaking panorama of Zurich and its lake—a view that could make Bollywood producers and postcard manufacturers flutter. (We only narrowly resisted the temptation to yodel.)

The backpacker set tired of the usual drab hostel will find the Justinus-Haus a refreshing option. This stately mansion-turned-dormitory offers 10 guestrooms year round, with additional student rooms available during semester breaks.

Rooms at the Justinus-Haus vary in size and quality, but all fit a general formula: hardwood floors, wooden desk, wardrobe and sink. Décor is likewise sparse. The walls are white and unadorned, but the bedding and curtains add a bit of matronly color. Aside from free Wi-Fi, the rooms do not have any amenities.

Both shared and private bathrooms are adequate and hygienic, with dated tiles and plastic shower curtains. (Rooms with private bathrooms cost around CHF25 extra.)

Although the mansion is lovely, it does have some of the drawbacks that come with older buildings. The hallways are dark, but a smattering of wooden antiques liven them up in places. The home’s long tradition is also evident in the air (rather than designer fragrances, you may notice the dust-tinged smell of an old library—or possibly the funk of bachelor students and spinster schoolmarms in some rooms).

The Justunis-Haus’s spacious lobby doubles as a dining room, where breakfast, included in the room rate, is served daily. The hostel also has a spacious, sun-filled TV lounge and a professional-grade kitchen, equipped with stainless steel surfaces and various cooking utensils.

As might be expected, the Justinus-Haus crowd tends to be young-ish, although we did befriend an older Japanese hiker who didn’t seem to feel awkward mixing with the youngins. And the opportunity to mingle with international students—against the spectacular Swiss backdrop—is an undeniable draw for many.

Note that the house is run by a Christian organization. We were assured that people of all creeds and faiths are welcome, but unmarried couples are discouraged from sharing a double room.

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  • Breakfast Included
  • Wi-Fi: Free


  • Bathroom: Private


Freudenbergstrasse 146
Around Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

41-(0)44 362 29 80
Fax: 41-(0)44 362 29 82

Website: http://www.justinus.ch/index.php?welcome-zh

Email: justinuszh@bluewin.ch

About the Justinus-Haus Zurich neighborhood

These hotels are located outside of the valley of Zurich's city center, but still should provide easy access to Zurich's extensive public transit system (you may have to pay for a second zone, though). Hotels outside the city center can be quite inexpensive, and you may even get some amazing views, to boot.

Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich
Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich
Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich
Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich
Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich
Justinus-Haus Zurich, Zurich

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