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Zum Guten Glück

Stationsstrasse 7 , Zurich, SwitzerlandPension

Editor's Pick
Zum Guten Glück, Zurich

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Doubles from: $85 to $129

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The brainchild of some of the owners of Kafischnaps (another EuroCheapo pick), the Zum Guten Glück pension follows a similar pattern as its ultra-hip predescessor. It too is a trendy bar/hangout on the bottom and stylish pension above. And like the Kafischnaps, the Zum Guten Glück also offers some of the cheapest beds in town. But full disclosure: This simple spot may just be a little too hip for its own good.

First, the positives. In the exciting, brimming-with-creativity Langstrasse neighborhood, Zum Guten Glück is a beloved café and bar with all the ingredients of a hipster hangout. Obscure beers on tap: check. Retro furniture: check. Thumping music by vaguely familiar artists you know you’re supposed to like: check and check.

The simple upstairs Zum Guten Glück pension, with its brand new, individually decorated guestrooms, is fittingly cool. You may see a retro chrome chair in one room, while in another you’ll see an un-rectangular writing desk. On the whole, rooms are stark and amenities are absent, but all are tasteful and feature a plush bed, adorable lamps and a dresser. Shiny hardwood floors and white (but already scratched) walls round out the scene. Rooms either look out onto a reasonably quiet street or a tranquil courtyard.

The shared bathrooms are immaculate, with a separate toilet and one snazzy tiled shower that could measure up to those at a mid-price boutique hotel.

Unfortunately, however, the comfort factor ends there. One bathroom per five guestrooms can turn the morning shower ritual into a hectic game of musical chairs, with guests trying to outwit one another for a chance to clean up. The bathroom door also creaked so loudly that we were startled every time it opened.

But our biggest gripe about the Zum Guten Glück was how remarkably sullen its staff is. We understand that insouciance is a prerequisite for working at a trendy establishment, but out of the five employees with whom we interacted during our stay, only one seemed capable of smiling. We weren’t treated rudely, but we got the feeling we were intruding on the cool party.

The verdict: If you’re extra cool (or just don’t care), the Zum Guten Glück is a fine, affordable pick for expensive Zurich. But pickier—or more sensitive—travelers should look elsewhere.

Wi-Fi is free throughout.

Note: This hotel was visited by a EuroCheapo editor and is recommended based on cleanliness, location, price and overall quality. EuroCheapo did not charge this hotel to be listed.



  • Wi-Fi: Free



Stationsstrasse 7
Sihlfeld, Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: 043 540 72 99

Website: http://www.zumgutenglueck.ch/

Email: contact@zumgutenglueck.ch

About the Zum Guten Glück neighborhood

This leafy neighborhood along the modest Siehl River is largely residential, but a murmur of artsy activities has begun along Stationsstrasse. Sihlfeld has few attractions of its own, but its proximity to Old Town, Langstrasse and West makes this demure Kreis 3 location a good base in Zurich.

Zum Guten Glück, Zurich
Zum Guten Glück, Zurich
Zum Guten Glück, Zurich
Zum Guten Glück, Zurich
Zum Guten Glück, Zurich

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