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Youth Hostels: Tell Us What You Think!

Youth hostels are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Eager to shed their image as only serving the needs of young backpackers, many hostels are adding private rooms and amenities that rival (and in many cases surpass) other 1 and 2 star hotels. Rather than only appealing to student travelers, there is a clear trend » Read more

Cheaper than hotels: relaunches

We try to keep self-serving plugs to a minimum (seriously folks), but every rule has its exception. After about a year of preparation and development, today we’re announcing the relaunch of our sister site, The website is entirely focused on making it easier for budget travelers to find the best hostels in Europe. What » Read more

HI Hostels: Beyond the Bunk Bed Frontier

When we think Hostelling International, we think ping-pong tables and bunk beds. But during a recent research jam session, we also found a range of HI hostels with adultish, cheap double rooms. The best of these deserve a plug or two, so keep readin’. South of the Wista River on Grochowa Street—a bit of a » Read more


Break out your old travel journal and get ready to school a new generation of budget travelers. Eurocheapo’s dreadlock-sporting, rucksack-toting, acoustic guitar-playing sibling is scheduled for relaunch. But don’t go calling EuropeanHostels the kid sister of the Over There Interactive family. Editor Tom Meyers cut his teeth on EH 7 years ago while living » Read more

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