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That's not a painting; Cadaqués, Spain is that beautiful! Photo: Mariluz Rodriguez
Salvador Dalí, the super-famous surrealist painter who spent his later years in Cadaqués once said: “I settled here for the light breeze, the uneventful landscape and the absence of wild boars.” Really? No, he didn’t say any of that. But he did build quite the seaside house and workshop on the banks of this magical » Read more

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All’Antico Vinaio
All’Antico Vinaio serves up cheap and tasty sandwiches. Plus, there's a self-serve wine bar! Photo: Martin Kalfatovic
Looking for something quick and cheap to fill you up while sightseeing in Florence? Local meats, cheese and fresh veggies stuffed into salty, crunchy bread make panini a perfect choice. A great panino will be made with fresh bread and filled with just a few choice ingredients, but if you’re craving additional ingredients just ask! » Read more


autumn in new york
You really can experience autumn in New York for a song (or nearly). Photo: Chris Ford
Autumn in New York really is as magical as the song makes it out to be. When the sweat of summer washes away, the air is crisp, the leaves are spectacular and there’s a sort of leisurely feel to the shortening days. All this makes fall the most coveted (and expensive) time to visit, right? Wrong. » Read more

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Parc des Buttes Chaumont
For a different side of Paris, escape to bucolic Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Photo: Henk van derEijk
It’s summer in Paris, and what better way to enjoy the warm breeze than a picnic in the park? When one thinks of parks in Paris, Champ de Mars is often the traveler’s favorite. It’s the long stretch of grass surrounding the Eiffel Tower… you know, the iconic spot that’s probably in your Paris daydreams. » Read more

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Grand Palace in Brussels
The Grand Palace in Brussels. Photo: Neil Girling
Brussels is a bustling city combining Euro cosmopolitan with old historic buildings and charm. Definitely a melting pot of people, cultures and styles, Brussels offers a lot to see and do, including the tradition of imbibing Belgian beer. But as the de facto capital of the European Union, this city can get expensive very fast, » Read more

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Sometimes it is worth just a little bit more to make your trip memorable -- like skipping the free days at the Louvre and paying full price to avoid the crowds. Photo: Tallapragda S
As experienced budget travelers, we love to save money, but sometimes it’s just worth it to pay a bit more for something in Paris. After all, you probably flew from somewhere quite far away so why get the worst when a few cents more can get you something even better? Selective splurging won’t break the » Read more


Times Square New York
Definitely snap photos in Times Square, but don't mistake it for New York. Photo: Sri Dhaanush K
Over the past few months, EuroCheapo correspondents have been debunking common myths about Paris (no, not everyone is rude), London (not all polite), Barcelona (not all friendly) and Amsterdam (not all high), so I figured it was time to do a little New York myth-busting too. Like any, well, mythical city, New York is the » Read more

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Park Guell
Park Güell is no longer free to visit for tourists, but it is still a must-see in Barcelona. Photo: batuceper
In 1984 UNESCO declared Barcelona’s Park Güell a World Heritage Site. It is one of the most impressive Gaudí projects in the city, and well worth the extra effort it takes to get up to the park from the city center. A visit to the park takes planning and the better part of a day. » Read more

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The Eurostar train between London and Paris is quick and affordable--if you book way in advance. Photo: Renaud C
London and Paris are two of Europe’s biggest tourist destinations, just a few hours away from each other by road or rail; about an hour’s distance in the air. Barring car travel, there are three ways to make the journey between the two capitals: by air, by rail and by road. But what about the » Read more

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Varan Bus
Buses are a cheap, reliable and comfortable way to get around Turkey. Photo: janoganette
Writing about adventures in Paris may be wonderful, but everyone needs a holiday. That’s why I spent the month of July exploring the amazingly beautiful Turkey. After some R&R along the Lycian Coast (which I highly recommend as far as beach holidays go, by the way), I needed to figure out how to make my » Read more

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