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Sweden: The Ark to Eurovision

Sweden: The Ark to Eurovision

Since 1991, the six-piece Swedish glam rock band The Ark have been sailing on a spiritual voyage for the spark of frivolous individuality in the lost and the fallen. We’re not just being wordy. This is more or less their mission. Their 2002 album “In Lust We Trust” was a testament to the ethic of » Read more

Happy Namnsdag, Torsten!

Happy Namnsdag, Torsten!

We’re in love with the European tradition of name days—popular in Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland. It works like this: You have a name. Your name has a day. On your name’s day, you celebrate! In Sweden, many day planners or calendars include “namnsdagar,” along with the usual holidays. You can look up » Read more

More Dogsledding Action!

photograph courtesy of Jonas Kullman Because we got such a good response to our dogsledding post last Friday we thought that an encore would be appropriate. Happily for us, we know a photographer in the wilds of Jämtland who graciously sent us some amazing dogsledding photos. Like this one: photograph courtesy of Jonas Kullman And this one: photograph courtesy » Read more


photograph courtesy of Viven Kim Thorp Yes, the 2007 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are still going strong in Åre, Sweden. But we’d like to take some time to talk about one of our favorite Åre activites—hundspann, or dogsledding! Though the best known dogsledding option in Åre is the highly organized Åre Sleddog Adventure, we opted for » Read more

Åker Skidor!

photograph courtesy of Viven Kim Thorp Through February 18th, the little Swedish ski hamlet of Åre is hosting the 2007 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Visitors from Lebanon to Austria are there—a contingent of the latter has even set up a tent bar on the town square! We’ve been lucky enough to visit Åre three » Read more

Adventures with Licorice: Djungelvrål

photograph courtesy of A Swedish pal sent us something so peculiar we figure only a Scandinavian can really get his or her mouth around: Djungelvrål salted licorice, by Malaco/Leaf. The Scandinavian licorice fetish is well documented, and we at 611 Broadway have a range of positions on the stuff. The gamut of opinion in the » Read more

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