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Relaxing along the beach is just one of the affordable pleasures of Brighton. Photo: Pavlina Jane
Dare I say it, but London has been enjoying a great summer so far and long may it last. But sometimes we just need a change of scene, especially when temperatures are scorching. So if you’ve had enough of picnicking in the park or cooling down at London’s lidos, a day trip to Brighton might » Read more

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Opera Garnier
The view of the neighborhood from Palais Garnier. Photo: jean-marc
Tucked between the chic rue St-Honoré, the brand-name department stores, and the Place Vendome, the Opera district doesn’t instill much hope for budget travelers. Crowned by the ornate Opéra Garnier, it might seem like this district is best left to the high rollers and Chanel-seekers. But fear not Cheapos, there is plenty to discover on » Read more

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Anne Frank House Line
It's tough to beat the crowds at the Anne Frank House, but there are some tricks. Photo: Jacob C
Every summer my short stint as a tour guide begins with great intentions. We start at the Dam Square, stroll for an hour and soak in the atmosphere and good vibes from enjoying our wander. We check out the secret garden Begijnhof, dip into the art hall from the Amsterdam Museum, wander to the Flower » Read more


Buenas Migas
A typical filling and cheap meal at Buenas Migas Foccaceria. Photo: Ian Kershaw
If you’re a foodie, Barcelona can get spendy. To add insult to injury, it also has the unfortunate reputation of offering overpriced, mediocre meals. While there are some fantastic Michelin starred restaurants in the city, Cheapos in need of good grub require other options. No te preocupes (Don’t worry!). Here are five cheap eats that will ensure a » Read more


London Theatre District
Catching a show in London's West End is fun, but where can you eat for cheap? Photo: David King
Scored some bargain theater tickets? I’m here to really make your evening complete, and let you know the best place to grab some seriously tasty food before you sit down to be seriously entertained. There are plenty of menus catering to the London theater lovers, and they can offer brilliant value for money. On the » Read more


Steak tartare is just one of many classic dishes you should taste during your Paris eating adventures. Photo: Ricky Thakrar
Steak tartare is just one of many classic dishes you should taste during your Paris eating adventures. Photo: Ricky Thakrar
I hate writing about food. Suggesting someone a restaurant or a café is like trying to suggest a favorite color to someone. Just because I like a place, doesn’t mean you will, even if the food is stellar or the service above par. I’ll leave you all to battle it out on TripAdvisor. Instead, let’s » Read more

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The Gucci store on Via Condotti. Photo: Scalleja.
The Gucci store on Via Condotti. Photo: Scalleja.
Whether you are seeking designer dresses or cheap chic, Rome has some of the best places to shop in Italy. The names of Italy’s finest designers sit alongside independent boutiques and market stalls as shopping in Rome caters to every budget. Here is my “Top Five” guide to the best places to go whether you are » Read more


Caffe Florian in Venice
Breakfast at Caffe Florian. Photo by christheobscure.
When I was asked about where to have a nice typical breakfast in Venice, I was a bit confused. Why? Well, in Italy we do not have breakfast, or at least we do not have breakfast the way other people usually have it. For a Venetian, morning calories are usually consumed in the form of » Read more


Before you hit the ground in Amsterdam, check out these tips to help you save time and money. Photo: Werner K
Amsterdam can be a breeze for first timers to Europe in many ways. Everyone speaks English, and the city is small enough to get around by foot. At the same time, the streets are curvy and confusing, taxis are expensive and the Dutch language is a mouthful. It’s also important to find a good location » Read more

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Big Ben
Enjoy easy access to London's most familiar sights when you stay close by without breaking your budget. Photo: Dave Pearce
Location, location, location! If you’re visiting London for the first time you’ll want to be in the heart of the action, and the location of your accommodation is key. A wrong choice here could lead to long and costly journeys on public transport which will eat into your leisure time and budget. While hotels near » Read more

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