Athens Car Rentals

Athens Car Rentals

Athens, Car Rentals, and You

Renting a car in Athens is pure folly. We can't in good conscience recommend that you rent a car here. Traffic congestion in Athens is notoriously bad, and Athens drivers also have reputations for viewing traffic regulations as irrelevant and general automobile safety as unnecessary. Yet in spite of these facts, fines for not wearing seat belts in the front seat and speeding are, ironically, quite high.

Now, all our bluster aside, if you plan to travel to other parts of mainland Greece, renting a car isn't a bad idea. While you won't want a car to explore Greece's islands, points northwest and northeast can be visited well with a car. Check out our trusty consolidator Auto Europe to find the best car rental deals in Greece.

To get the best price, reserve a car before leaving home. Ask for an all-inclusive rate with full insurance and unlimited kilometers. Many of the less expensive rental cars in Europe will have neither air conditioning nor roll-down windows.

A very good rate for a three-day economy car rental in Athens is €100. We found this rate on Auto Europe.

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