Budapest Car Rentals

Budapest Car Rentals

Renting a car in Budapest is likely to prove difficult and exhausting. Ongoing roadwork and impatient drivers form an equation that results in stop-and-go traffic and a lion's share of accidents, and that's to say nothing of parking, which is scarce and pricey. In a city with such an efficient (and cheap!) public transit system, who needs it?

That said, rental cars do have their place—outside the city. If you plan to make an excursion to the countryside and surrounding areas, a car is the way to go. Check out our trusty consolidator Auto Europe to find the best car rental deals in Budapest.

To get the best price, reserve a car before leaving home. Ask for an all-inclusive rate with full insurance and unlimited kilometers. Many of the less expensive rental cars in Europe will have neither air conditioning nor roll-down windows. To get the best deal, shop around, reserve ahead of time and pay in advance.

A good price for a three-day economy car rental in Budapest is between $112 and $275. To view car rental rates in Budapest for a specific date, click here.

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