Schoenefeld (SXF)

  • Distance to Berlin city center: 18 km (11
  • Low cost carriers served: 8
  • Website:
  • map marker 1Schoenefeld (SXF)

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Berlin Schönefeld, one of two airports in Berlin, lies on the outskirts of the city, 18 km (11 miles) away. Schönefeld handles a lot of low-cost and charter airline traffic; it is one of the most important low-cost airports in Europe. EasyJet, to offer one example, has its very own terminal at Schönefeld, which impressively serves almost 30 destinations.

Other low-cost and charter airlines serving Berlin Schönefeld include Ryanair, Condor, and Germanwings.


Schönefeld can be reached by the Airport Express train or S-Bahn train. Both forms of transportation cost just €2.40 one-way. The Airport Express takes 25 minutes, while the S-Bahn takes 40 minutes.

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