Ostende-Brugge (OST)

  • Distance to Bruges city center: 37 km (23
  • Low cost carriers served: 2
  • Website: ost.aero

About this airport

Ostend-Bruges International Airport in Brugge, Belgium offers many travel opportunities to warm-weather vacation destinations, most of which are located around the Mediterranean. The airport is very small, which often translates to a quick check-in and relaxed atmosphere. Service is provided primarily by Jetair and Thomas Cook.


Ostend-Bruges International Airport is located near the town of West Flanders, Belgium.


• Rail: Train service is available to Ostend-Bruges International Airports. For more information on the train system consult the online railway schedule.

• Bus: Buses are available at Ostend Railway Station with service to and from the airport. Take the "Raversijde via Luchthaven" route which will bring you straight to the airport. For more information on departures and arrivals look at the online bus schedule.


A restaurant is available for a sit-down dinner.

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