Forli (FRL)

  • Distance to Forli city center: 4 km (2
  • Low cost carriers served: 3
  • Website:

About this airport

Forlì Airport is an airport near Forlì, in northern Italy. The airport is mainly served by Ryanair and Windjet.


Forli Airport is located 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Forli city centre.


Rail: The railway station is 4 km from the airport and there is a bus that connects to and from it.
Bus: Forli town's bus service runs every 20 minutes and connects the airport with town and the railway station.
Taxi: Taxis are available at the airport.


The airport contains an information desk, internet access and First-Aid facilities. There is a Duty Free shop and newsstand and tobacconist located at the airport as well as refreshment facilities. Passengers are able to have their luggage wrapped in protective heavy duty plastic foil, prior to the check-in procedures in the departure terminal.

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