Île de Ré (LRH)

About this airport

La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport serves La Rochelle as well as Île de Ré, which is accessible via a bridge from La Rochelle.


La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport is located 4 kilometers (3 miles) northwest of La Rochelle, a commune of the département of Charente-Maritime in France.


Bus: Buses run on a rather confusing schedule between the airport and the center of La Rochelle. For more information on times, days the buses run and prices, visit the bus line’s official Web site.
Taxi: Transportation by taxi is an option at La Rochelle, although you may need to call the company to schedule a pick-up.


There are car hire desks, an information desk offering tourist information, a duty-free shop and a restaurant, which is open daily.

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