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Upside Extensive routes between Italy and Tirana are unduplicated. Downside Website appears to be amateurish and doesn’t inspire confidence. About Belle Air flies between the capital of Albania, Tirana, and 11 destinations in Italy: Bari, Bergamo, Cuneo, Florence, Forli, Genova, Milan, Parma, Perugia, Pisa, and Rome. On a good note, Belle's on the ball with a few recently-updated routes including another airport in Milan, Malpensa. Belle Air is Albania's only low-cost airline, and as such is notable for this reason alone. Belle Air stands to benefit as Albania becomes more of a tourist draw. Bonus Depending on the time of your flight, Belle Air always offers a cold or hot meal at no additional charge. Baggage * Carry-on: One piece of hand luggage not to exceed 8 kg. * Checked: Up to 15 kg per person. Over 15 kg, €5 for each additional kg. Note: You must inform the airline in advance if you will be bringing excess baggage. Seating You must check in no later than 60-minutes before departure. There is no indication, via Belle Air’s website, on how seats are doled out.

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