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Blue Air is a Romanian low-cost carrier based in Bucharest. The airline serves seven Romanian airports in addition to Bucharest, including Arad, Bacau and Cluj Napoca.

Italy and Spain are particularly well served, though Blue Air also flies to Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. Blue Air has some distance to go before it emerges as a top-tier budget airline, but it certainly reaches more destinations in Romania than any other low-cost carrier.


Blue Air offers great connections from airports in Romania to destinations across Europe.


No real complaints to speak of.


• Carry-on: One item not exceeding 10 kg.
• Checked: Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of four pieces of baggage. The fee for every checked-in baggage (every piece of checked-in baggage) is €10 per flight segment.  No single bag can weigh more than 32kg. For some domestic flights the maximum allowance is 20kg. 

* Please visit Blue-Air’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


Check in is 40 minutes prior to departure. Seat preferences can be purchased for €3 at time of booking (€10 for XL seats). Otherwise, seats are not guaranteed and, in fact, Blue Air states explicitly on their site that they reserve the right to move you even after you board. Tough crew!

Check-in and Ticketing

Blue Air does offers online check-in for certain flights, from 14 days until 4 hours prior to take-off. Passengers with checked baggage that check-in online must arrive at the checked baggage office 90 minutes prior to their flight’s departure time.

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