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Corendon, a Turkey-based airline run by a Dutch tour operator of the same name, flies mostly between the Netherlands and Belgium. The airline also flies to Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Morocco. Its unusual destination tally means that Corendon serves both the Netherlands and Turkey more comprehensively than most airlines in our survey.


Great routes for travel between Turkey and the Netherlands.


Limited route map. The website is cluttered and difficult to use, especially translated into English.


• Carry-on: One piece of hand luggage, not to exceed 5 kg.
• Checked: Up to 20 kg. Over 20 kg, it’s €7-10 for each additional kg.

* Please visit Corendon’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


You cannot reserve seats in advance, but you can select seats at check-in.

Check-in and Ticketing

Corendon does not have online check-in services.  Check-in desks are closed 45 minutes prior to departure.  Passengers who arrive afterwards are not allowed to board and forfeit their seats -without a refund.

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