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Swiss carrier Helvetic's fares only traipse into budget territory on occasion. It's a small airline with a limited route map that isn't by rights a low-cost carrier. We include it here because some of its fares sometimes dip into low-cost territory.


Some interesting destinations are served out of Zurich and Bern. Flights are generally on time.


Not really a low-cost airline.


• Carry-on: Up to 5 kg of hand luggage for economy class, two 5 kg bags for business class.
• Checked: Up to 20 kg of luggage; fee of €15 per kilo applies if over limit.

* Please visit Helvetic’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


Seats can be selected online using the simple online seating system up to 24 hours before the flight.  This costs an additional fee, which is non-refundable. 

Check-in and Ticketing

Web check-in is available from 23 hours until 1 hour before departure for all flights departing from Geneva or Zurich.  Passengers with checked luggage may check-in online.

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