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We like to think of Jet2 as the little budget airline that could. Based at Leeds Bradford airport in the north of England, Jet2 also flies to multiple destinations from hub airports across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Although Jet2 has been flying for nearly 30 years, it was called Channel Express (Air Services) for its first 20 years.

Slightly out of the media loop due to its headquarters in England's north, Jet2 nonetheless flies an impressive number of routes to destinations across Europe, with especially good connections to France, Spain, and Italy.

Jet2 has innovated quietly and consistently in a number of ways. In early 2007, they rolled out an in-flight handheld entertainment device.


Airline is innovative and particularly good for travel to and from England's north.


Jet2 should augment current destinations with more big-city destinations. Extra charges during booking can lead to a doubling of the original quoted price.


* Carry-on: One "small piece" of hand luggage not to exceed 10 kg.
* Checked: Up to 22kg. Each passenger can have up to three bags, none of which can weigh over 25kg.  The cost is €14 for each additional kilo. 

* Please visit Jet2’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


You can choose seats at the time of your purchase on-line. Alternately, seats are selected on a first-come first-serve basis at the time of check-in.  Seats with extra legroom can be reserved for €14-33.

Check-in and Ticketing

Online check-in is available from 28 days until 5 hours before departure.  You must select it while you book your flight.  If you forget to check-in online or don’t print your boarding pass then you will be charged a €23 fee. 


Be aware of the many additional costs when booking online.

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