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The Belgian branch of the TUI parent company, Jetairfly operates thousands of flights every year between Belgium, the Netherlands and a variety of other destinations, most of them in the Mediterranean basin.


Comprehensive destination list within Belgium.


More or less a operates with a north-south route axis.


• Carry-on: One small piece of hand luggage is permitted that can weigh no more than 6 kg (10 kg for long-haul flights.)
• Checked: Each passenger is allotted 20 kg of check-in weight (25 kg for long-haul), for each additional kg over will cost €12 (€15 for long-haul)

* Please visit Jetairfly’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


Passengers may reserve seats online from 14 days until 3 days prior to departure, in the "My" section of the website. Depending on the seat, reservations cost between €5 and €20.

Check-in and Ticketing

Passengers must check-in at least two hours before departure(three hours for long distance flights). No one can check in once the desk is closed and the airline will cancel the seat reservation without providing a refund.

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