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Monarch is expressly designed to get tourists from the UK to sunny territory. It flies from London, Birmingham and Manchester to destinations in Spain (including the Canary Islands), Portugal and the rest of the Mediterranean basin.

Primarily a holiday airline, Monarch is also referred to as "Monarch Scheduled" to differentiate its scheduled services from its charter capacity. "Scheduled" flights currently account for over half of Monarch's flights.


Great route strength from the UK to the Mediterranean.


Airline does not serve city break destinations.


• Carry-on: Up to 10 kg of baggage spread across no more than two bags is permitted, free of charge.
• Checked: Up to three separate bags, not to exceed 20 kg (€12 will be charged for every kg over.). You will be charged for each checked bag (€12 per bag online, €31 per bag at airport and through the call center).

* Please visit Monarch’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


You may pre-reserve seats for a fee of £3 at the time of booking or at check-in. Seats with extended leg room are £7 per person for short haul flights, more for long hauls. (With a name like Monarch, let's hope those seats are fit for a king!)

Check-in and Ticketing

Online check-in is available from 28 days until 6 hours before departure.  If you book your hold and checked bags online, you can save 40% off the airport price!  Note that online checking is only available for bookings made directly through Monarch, not a travel agent or tour guide.


Book your baggage on-line, where the cost is at less for checked bags in-person or over the phone. Save your money and don't book premium (unless you absolutely need the extra leg room).

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