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SunExpress operates routes between Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland in Western Europe with many destinations in Turkey. The airline flies several routes within Turkey as well. SunExpress is owned jointly by Lufthansa and Turkish Airways.


Excellent links between Turkey and Germany.


East-west corridor is somewhat limited.


• Carry-on: One piece of hand luggage, not to exceed 6 kg.
• Checked: One piece of hand luggage, up to 20 kg. Babies are allotted 10 kg of luggage. Phew. And, here we thought they’d have to leave the "pack n' play" behind. Over weight limits, you’ll be charged €10 per kilo.

* Please visit SunExpress’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


You may reserve seats in advance at a rate of €10 per one-way flight, €20 for a roundtrip assignment.  Otherwise, seats are allocated at check-in.  Extra large seats are also available.

Check-in and Ticketing

“Flying without a ticket” is available for all routes.  There is a €10 charge to have a paper ticket mailed to you. Passengers can check-in at the airport or online. Checking in at the airport on the eve of departure is also an option.

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