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Vueling is a rapidly growing Spanish budget airline with several hubs and destinations throughout western Europe. 

While there are many complaints about the airline's planes and customer service, it remains a favorite for its easy pricing system and its brand aesthetics, which are bright, appealing and fun.


Nice destination tally in an appealing brand. Friendly and energetic cabin crew and staff.


Cramped planes and very little legroom. 


• Carry-on: One piece of carry-on luggage, not to exceed 10 kg.
• Checked: Up to 23 kg of luggage at rates starting at €13 per bag. Over this, you will be charged extra. Note that you must pre-register your checked luggage in advance of your flight. Otherwise, a penalty fee (€35) applies for each unregistered bag.

* Please visit Vueling’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


You can quickly and easily choose a seat once you've booked your flight on-line. "XL" seats with more legroom are available from €12 to €14, depending on the duration of the flight.

Check-in and Ticketing

Passengers can check-in online from 7 days to 4 hours before departure.  It is available for passengers with or without checked baggage.  Those with special needs are encouraged to check-in at the airport. 

Fun Fact

Vueling was the first Spanish airline to allow customers to choose where they wish to sit at the time of booking.

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