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Polish-Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air has joined the big leagues. With an impressive destination tally and many UK airports served, Wizz is one of Europe's first tier of budget airlines. On a fare by fare basis, Wizz offers among the very cheapest airfares in Europe.

Wizz Air's route map ranges across western and central Europe, and its routes are mostly set up on an east-west axis, not a north-south one.


Cheap fares and a long destination tally lift Wizz Air into the first tier.  The pink and purple website is very cute and has a nice interactive map.


Route map is more or less restricted to east-west routes. Delays and cancellations are announced at the last minute and left unexplained.


• Carry-on: One item up to 10 kg. If the dimensions are 42x32x25cm, the bag comes free of charge. Greater than that (though limited to 56x45x25cm), and you’ll have to pay a €10 - €20 fee.
• Checked: Up to 32 kg (no more than 6 items) of luggage for a €15 - €60 fee per bag, depending on how you book it and how large the bag.

* Please visit Wizzair’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


Wizz operates on the first-come first-serve basis at check-in. To reserve a seat, you can pay €6 - €12 online or €16 at the airport. Seats with extra legroom are €7 - €16 in advance or €16 at the airport.

Check-in and Ticketing

Web check-in is available from 14 days until 3 hours before departure.  All baggage must be dropped off at least 40 minutes prior to departure and passengers should be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes early.


Opt for "pre-boarding", when you book on-line or via the call center, by paying a nominal fee (ranging from €4 to €8). In this case, you’ll be called to board before other passengers. Wizz-bang!

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