Expect to Spend: Prague

Expect to Spend: Prague - Prague, Czech Republic

As far as day-to-day expenses go, Prague is a Cheapo's dream city. Metro and tram tickets start at CZK24(€1). You won't spend more than CZK50 (€2) for a big draft beer. Admission to tourist sites seldom runs over CZK150 (€6). Prague is EuroCheapo's kind of town. Dobry den!

Prague restaurant menus

When choosing a restaurant, look out for special menus—they're often a bargain. Photo: lumierefl.

Hotel Rates

Hotel and botel room rates generally run from CZK1400-CZK6000 (€56-€240) a night, depending on location, amenity level, and other. (A botel is just what it sounds like, namely, a hotel on a boat.) You can easily score a pension or hotel in Prague for as little as CZK1000. Our Prague budget hotel guide is the perfect place to start.

Restaurant Prices

For the same price as a basic meal in Vienna or Munich, you can find glamorous grub in Prague. Generally, if you sniff out places away from the tourist centers, you will find better values all around.

If eating near a tourist hot spot, watch out for scams. Visitors have reported receiving set menus and then being charged extra for items they never received. Avoid unclear menus without explicitly listed prices. Carefully read every line item on the final bill. When a 10% service charge is added, don't worry about including a tip.

Pubs feature full meals for as little as CZK80 and beers for CZK25. Full service restaurants offer three-course meals for CZK300. Some full service restaurants include beer (or pivo, a word you might want to learn) on their fixed-price menus. Beer is the perfect Prague drink. Lager was invented in nearby Plzen and Prague sports many local breweries.

A traditionally carnivorous town, Prague has begun to make room for some vegetarian fare. Not long ago, "vegetarian" simply meant a dish featuring a little green to go with the more basic meat. These days, there are completely vegetarian restaurants scattered around town.

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