Getting Around Prague

Getting Around Prague - Prague, Czech Republic

Central Prague covers a relatively small area, best traversed by foot. For reaching sights and hotels outside the historical center, the Prague transportation system is efficient and extremely affordable.

Trams Prague

Taking a tram is just one of many great ways to get around Prague. Photo: DarkroomDaze.

The Prague Metro System

Prague may not have the largest Metro system, but it’s cheap and it’s useful. Check out our guide to getting around underground in Prague.

The Prague Tram System

The tram is one of the most convenient—and scenic—ways to get around Prague. Before you hop aboard, check out our guide on how to ride the tram.

Taxis in Prague

Taxis in Prague aren’t the easiest or cheapest transportation in Prague. Here’s what you need to know to avoid racking up an unfortunate fare.

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