Prague Day Trips

Prague Day Trips - Prague, Czech Republic

We love Prague. All tourists, it seems, love Prague. And no matter how engaging this city of strikingly varied architecture and cobblestone streets is, the fact remains that it's one crowded town. Happily, there's an antidote to the gleeful crowds filling Prague's squares: day trips. We've picked three spots scattered across the Czech Republic. Among them: the country's second biggest city; the country's best-known spa town; and the country's number one beer town. Don't ever say we don't take care of you.

Karlovy Vary aerial

Head beyond Prague and you'll find plenty of gems in the Czech countryside, including the spa town of Karlovy Vary (pictured here). Photo: ExtremeAmbient.

Czech Spa Town: Karlovy Vary

If you’re beat from sightseeing, beer-drinking and museum-hopping while in Prague, you may want to pamper your ailing body with a trip to Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic’s premiere spa town.

Second City Syndrome: Brno

Prague may get all the pub, but Brno has a ton to offer as the Czech Republic’s second city: a vibrant arts scene, tons of museum and an aesthetic that blends history with modernity.

Bohemian Beer Stop: Plzen

While it’s nearly impossible to visit Prague and not be satisfied with the beer, for travelers that are more than serious about their Pilsner, there’s (naturally) no better place than Plzen, a city soaked in beer and beer history.

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