Taxis: Getting around Prague

As we make clear in our Getting Into Prague section, taxi drivers in Prague are notorious rip-off artists. While legislation is slowly but surely checking them, you should still be careful.

Taxis Prague

Taxis in Prague aren't Cheapo—but it gets worse if you don't know how they work. Photo: Jon Whitton.

Getting a taxi

If you must take a taxi, do not catch one at Wenceslas Square, Národní, or outside of Obecní, where masses of taxi drivers gather. Instead, call the AAA at 14 0 14, 222 333 222, 221 102 211, or 221 111 111 and arrange a taxi ride with an English speaking representative. Always request a price estimate up front.

Signage and rates

Official taxis will have permanently installed, lighted roof TAXI signs. Both front doors of official taxis will be festooned with signage with official rate information and the name of the taxi company. By law, taxis charge a base rate of CZK40, an additional rate of CZK20-30 per kilometer within the city of Prague and CZK6 per minute waiting in traffic or at the customer's request.

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